How It Works

Discover how Shipinville streamlines the international shipping process, from signing up for a free account to receiving your packages at our local pickup location in Jamaica. Follow these simple steps to enjoy hassle-free shipping and convenient package pickup.

Simplifying International Shipping with Shipinville - How It Works

Welcome to Shipinville, the trusted platform that simplifies international shipping and package pickup. Follow these straightforward steps to experience a seamless and convenient shipping process:

1. Sign up Online: Visit our website and sign up for a FREE Shipinville account. It only takes a few minutes to create your account and gain access to our comprehensive shipping solutions.
2. Activate Your Account: Check your email, including your junk mail folder, for a Shipinville Activation email. Click on the "Activate my Account" button to activate your Shipinville account and get started.
3. Login and Note Your Shipinville US Mailing Address: Once your account is activated, login to your Shipinville web account. Take note of your unique Shipinville US mailing address, which you will use for your online purchases and shipping.
4. Shop or Share Your Shipinville US Address: Shop your favorite online stores or provide suppliers, family, and friends with your Shipinville US Address. This becomes your shipping address for online purchases.
5. Pre-Alert Your Packages: Login to your Shipinville account and pre-alert your packages for easy processing. This step helps us ensure a smooth handling and delivery process.
6. Use Shipinville US Address: When making your online purchases, enter your Shipinville US Address as the shipping address. This will ensure that your packages are sent to our facility in Miami.
7. Package Receipt and Preparation: Once your packages are received at your Shipinville US address, we will prepare them for export to your home country, Jamaica.
8. Customs Clearance: Shipinville will handle the necessary customs clearance process for your packages upon their arrival in Jamaica.
9. Notification and Package Pickup: Shipinville will notify you via email when your packages are available for pickup at our local pickup location. Simply follow the instructions provided to collect your packages conveniently.

At Shipinville, we are committed to simplifying international shipping and ensuring a hassle-free experience for our valued customers. Sign up today, and let us handle your shipping needs with efficiency and reliability.